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Getting married in the mountains in winter, is by now an established trend, more and more couples are deciding to pronounce the “yes” at high altitude. Small mountain churches, snow-covered landscapes and dreamy atmospheres are the perfect setting to celebrate the most beautiful day.

Alps Restaurants offers various solutions to all those who decide to celebrate a snow white wedding in the most suggestive locations of the Vialattea, from the typical mountain refuges to the high lodges, to luxury hotels on the ski slopes.


Get married in a mountain Refuge

Celebrating a wedding with your relatives and friends in a refuge or in a lodge can be an unforgettable experience. The arrival of the guests and the newlyweds with snowcat, the aperitif at sunset and typical dinner, wrapped in an intimate atmosphere between candles, soft lighting and mountain style decorations, will make the event unique and memorable.

Get married in a luxury hotel

The hotel Principi di Piemonte Sestriere is the ideal location for those wishing to celebrate their wedding in the mountains in an historic structure on the ski slopes. Its particular architecture, reminiscent of a fairytale castle, dominates Sestriere and enjoys a beautiful view of the Chaberton and the surrounding mountains. The furnishings are typically mountain with a wise use of wood and contribute to transmitting the heat to the ambience and making the location romantic.

Thanks to collaborations with the most prestigious chefs, we offer refined menus combined with the best wines. We have three large rooms and a living room with fireplaces.

Celebrating a winter wedding in the mountains in Piedmont, can be for all the guests, even a different way to take a break from the daily routine, lengthening the days of celebration with a weekend on the snow.

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